TM International truly partners with your business. We use a seven stage process that we tailor to your specific assignment. The key stages of the TM International search process are:

Initial Role Briefing

In order to fully understand our clients' needs in detail, we meet with the client to take a full role briefing which will also incorporate the business environment, culture, priorities and strategy. Together we work to prepare and agree the full job description, candidate specification and search strategy.

Candidate Sourcing

A candidate sourcing strategy is recommended based on experience, current candidate market and client requirements. Sourcing will include a broad range of methods; including the analysis and structural talent mapping of organisations that would house the best individuals who match the agreed criteria.

Evaluation / Interview

In-depth behavioural and motivational fit telephone evaluation is undertaken on all candidates against the role brief before face-to-face interviewing takes place. This leads to both cost and time efficiencies in the selection process. Once the interested and best candidates are discovered, we perform a tailored competency-based interview which highlights their motivations, strengths and weaknesses. We also seek additional information about each candidate on an ongoing basis by using external methods.

Presentation of Shortlist

A shortlist of the strongest possible and most suitable candidates is presented once the assessment process has been completed. Each candidate short-listed will be supported with a full interview report and TMI Internationals own observations.

Client Interview

TM International will arrange the client interviews with the selected candidates. We ask for honest feedback throughout. The strong relationship built up with a candidate is of enormous value during this period, allowing us to inform the client of the candidates underlying feelings and frame of mind.


Our experience allows us to assist in the construction of the remuneration package and also allows us to act as an intermediary to ensure that no issues occur between the client and the successful candidate which could prejudice any acceptance of the offer. We work closely with the client and the candidate at this stage to ensure the expectations of both parties are achieved. Once the offer is made to the successful candidate, we manage the process through to the agreed start date.

Building and Managing Relationships

We maintain a close relationship with our clients and candidates to ensure their objectives have been met and to provide ongoing support and advice throughout their careers.